What happens if I think I have purchased the wrong program for me? You can rest assured that in the case of the individualised programs this is impossible as your program is written from the information you have supplied in your intake questionnaire so whatever your goals are the program will be written in line with these. In effect you can never purchase the wrong program because each program is written taking all of your personal information into account such as goals, current level of fitness, any injuries or illness you may have, equipment you have access to, time you have available to dedicate to your program, likes and dislikes etc

If you purchase a Ready To Go Program unfortunately this is the program you need to be happy with as it is an immediate download.

What if I don’t like something in my program? Simply email or call to discuss this promptly so adjustments can be made to your program if appropriate. Don’t put up with anything in your program you absolutely detest, we want you to have fun as well as get the results you desire. We promise we will not be offended or be annoyed if you request a change that is reasonable; it is our pleasure to see you enjoying your program.

What if I want to do the program for longer than the 4 or 12 weeks?At the end of each program you will be offered a way to continue on and a new program will be written for you.

What if I want to stop doing the program part way through? You can stop at any time, we do not require that you complete any program all the way through however we encourage you to do so. If for some reason you need to take a break you can pay a small fee to put your program on hold.

I don’t see many “before” and “after” shots on your site; how come? I believe that you are entitled to your privacy and I’m not hell bent on getting good before and after shots for marketing purposes. My intent is on ensuring that the women who sign up for my programs are the main focus; making sure the program is “doable” for them and if this takes a bit longer for some this is ok. If the agenda is the “after” shot then flexibility and understanding can go out the window.

All Glow Women are encouraged to take before, during and after photo’s and send them in as one form of accountability and also as a personal reminder of how far they have come.


Daily Success List

When we succeed at achieving the goals we have set for ourselves it inspires us to
want to succeed even more. Succeeding with regularity helps us to establish the
“Success Mindset” we need to create lasting change in our lives.
The daily success list is a way to ensure you win everyday, to ensure you experience
success on a daily basis.
We all know the things we should be doing, particularly the little things we should be
doing, that we know will largely impact on our wellbeing but often we don’t do them.
It could be as simple as having a healthy breakfast everyday or drinking enough
water or going to bed at a reasonable time, it could be making sure you eat 2 serves
of veggies everyday or limiting your caffeine intake….
Don’t underestimate the difference the small things make.
Create your list each morning and strive to consistently strike everything off your list
each day.
As you go you may wish to add more things to the list. You can use the list
indefinitely or just until you have established the habits you are trying to introduce.
Go ahead and complete the following exercise, commit to it for a month and notice
the changes that occur

What’s Great About Glow

  1. The great thing about Glow programs is that they’re designed with the busy woman in mind, so you can exercise when you want, where you want.
    So whether it’s between dropping the kids off at school and running errands, making a conference call and getting to your next meeting, or doing the bookkeeping and placing your stock order, you can still manage to exercise effectively.
    We focus on making sure your program fits you, not the other way around.
    Then, we keep you on track and motivated by providing support for the duration of your program. We want this to be the last program you need to embark on.
    So we start you off at your current fitness level and slowly build up from there to make sure your program is sustainable and you continue to see results.
    We also spell out exactly what you need to do each week so all you need to do is follow along.
    Glow for it!


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