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Core ab workout: Samantha Clayton’s Body Blast | Herbalife Fit Tips |
Core focus! Try my extended core work out and make your abs work!

I’m Samantha Clayton, fitness expert and former competitive sprinter. I’m working with Herbalife to help you achieve a healthy, active life.

Today, I want you to join me for a longer workout. This is my personal routine that I do wherever I am to keep my core strong. My favorite saying in life is ‘no excuses.’ For this workout, you don’t need any weights, you don’t need a large space. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get warmed up and start working on your core.

As always, before a workout, do a warm up. Make sure you are in correct posture: feet forward, shoulders back, head up. For a detailed warm up, see my video on how to do a basic warm up: http://hrbl.me/17rocO7

Today, I have eleven simple exercises that should be done two times through. And this routine will have a nice cool down at the end. So let’s get started.

Simple high knee, high arm. You can swing the arms, or you can just punch the arms up overhead. This move really challenges your balance, and therefore activates the core. It’s like you’re climbing a ladder.

Feet are forward, slightly wider than shoulders width apart, arms are up. Then squat all the way down, touch the inside of the foot. Make sure as you sit down, your body weight is going into your heels. Really reach up on the stretch. This works your abdominals across the body.

Arms are up, one leg is stationary and you’re essentially going to just kick in front of you. Fold your body and half so that you can reach your toe. If you don’t have a great hamstring flexibility keep a slight bend in the knee, that’s fine. It’s all about crunching at the core, remember to breathe in on the way up and breathe out on the way down.

Let’s go into our lunges. This time stretch your chest as you lunge, with hands behind the head. Don’t push the neck forward; instead keep a nice tall spine. Come forward into your lunge and then come back, switch legs.

Let’s engage the core with a double chopped knee pull. Put your arms up in a chopping motion, and chop down while twisting the side of your body. Keep a tall spine and don’t over rotate. This is a great move for the hip flexors.

Keep your arms are overhead and crunch your knee to your chest. You can add a little kick into this one. Or you can just keep the knee bent. The main thing is the ribs are coming towards the knee.

We’re going to do slower paced burpees. Go down slowly and then jump back and hold the plank position for two seconds. Jump forward and come back to standing position. Keep it slow and controlled. If you’re wondering why I’m asking you to do slow burpees, it’s because I want you to be able to do this routine anywhere. I do this routine in my hotel room when I travel.

Squat down, you’re going to shift your body weight, and rotate opposite arm to opposite knee. Don’t rush the movement. Remember to breathe the whole time through, and be light on your feet.

Let’s take it down to the floor. These are what I call long and lean crunches. Keep one leg bent, one leg straight. Take both arms behind your head, and you’re literally going to lift up. Foot is flexed, reaching towards the toe. Chin is away from the chest. Keep the back engaged with the mat, focus on that pelvic tilt. Switch sides. If you want to make it a little bit easier, you can just use one arm.

Whenever you work the abs, you should also turn over and work the small erector spinae muscles in your back. Lie face down and lift one arm at a time, with one leg at a time. And then lift both at the same time. Always make sure that your eyes are looking straight down at the mat. This is a very subtle movement.

While you’re still on the floor, plant your feet down, engage the core, and slightly lean back so you’re somewhat resting on the small of your back. Then just twist from side to side, working the abs. If you want to make it easier, sit up. If you want to make it harder, sit back.

After you’ve completed this routine twice, it’s time for cool down. A cool down is a little bit slower than a warm up.

The aim of this workout is to elevate your heart rate and encourage your body to burn fat as its primary fuel source. At the same time as engaging your core muscles, to help you work toward getting a perfectly toned tummy.

I hope you enjoyed working out your core with me today. I encourage you to not let your travel plans or a busy lifestyle stop you from getting active. For more videos, check out my Herbalife Fit Tips playlist http://hrbl.me/Herbalife_FitTips and take a look at my blog http://www.discovergoodfitness.com for motivation and fitness advice.