Can Working Out Make Me Look Younger

How to Exercise Your Face to Look Younger |
Exercise your face to look younger naturally, without any creams or injections. Watch this how-to video from for exercises to make your face look younger.


Hi, My name is Brent Stevens; I am a Kundalini Yoga Instructor at Yogala in Echo Park, Los Angeles. And today I am going to go over a few facial exercises to help keep men young. Despite age, despite gravity, there are simple, ancient ways you can keep your face looking young without surgery.

Move the Forehead to Exercise Your Face to Look Younger

The first exercise that I want to do with you is a simple movement of the forehead that not only works to eventually strengthen the forehead muscles and reduce the wrinkles, but gives energy to the brain, itself, the frontal lobe. So you simply move the forehead up and down like this. You can close your eyes and just go up and down. It looks a little funny but it’s very good for the brain and the entire forehead. And you can do that for one or two minutes or even longer.

Use Massage to Exercise Your Face to Look Younger

The next one is a simple wrinkling motion of the nose just like a rabbit does, which is good for the sinuses, the nose muscles as well as the brain. The next one I want to show you is simply loosening up some tension in the jaw, with a gentle circular massage on the biggest part of your jaw muscle right here. You want to make a circular motion. Often times, TMJ is the cause of too much tension held throughout the day which leads to grinding the teeth at night. A couple minutes of jaw massage can help to relieve this in yourself.

Release Tension to Exercise Your Face to Look Younger

The next one is another jaw exercise where you can roll the jaw around in circles almost like a cow. Another one that looks funny, but it’s very very good to release tension in the face and the jaw. And the final one I want to show you for today is just a simple movement back and forth, where you literally shake out the tension in the face. You just go like this — you go side to side for a while. You want to keep your eyes closed for that one so you don’t get dizzy. And when you’re done you simply sit with your eyes closed and allow the facial muscles to relax into it.

So, if you can commit to doing these facial exercises just for 1-2 minutes for each exercise per day for a total of 5-10 minutes, you could markedly notice a difference in your facial appearence within a series of six weeks or two months. You’ll definitely notice a difference. I am Brent Stevens and thanks for watching.